The Menu

Beans and bannock, burgers the size of Batchawana Mountain, pancakes and french toast, a bottomless cup of coffee, appetizers that are delicious, 3 miles of white sand beach, and a 26 foot Voyageurs’ Canoe await you here. Our food at the cookhouse is sure to satisfy your hunger. As a finish to your delicious meal, try one of our famous apple or blueberry crisps, and our specialty voyageurs’ coffee. Poutine with our homemade gravy and cheese curds, and of course our fresh cut fries.

Sun’s Up, Coffee’s Brewing & Cakes are on the Griddle
Each morning the voyageurs would rise at four or earlier and set out, maintaining a rhythm of 45 paddle strokes a minute, which would drive a canoe at about six knots.  Every hour they rested, usually long enough to smoke a single pipe of tobacco. To pass the time and keep rhythm, the voyageurs sang as they paddled. Their unofficial anthem was “A la Claire fontaine,” a tale of lost love.

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Breakfast Sample

La Grande Portage – Are you hungry? Got a long day of paddlin’ ahead? Try two eggs any way you like ‘em, two strips of bacon, two links of sausage, a hunk of ham, homefries, baked beans, toast $ 10.95 (If you don’t want the beans, add an extra egg)

The American Paddler – Although the North West Company and the American Fur Trading Company were fierce rivals, both employed Canadian voyageurs. Here’s their breakfast… 2 eggs any way you like ‘em, choice of breakfast meat, toast, homefries and one pancake. $9.99

The Early Riser _ The water is lapping on the shore and its time to go. The cook has got to hurry. Two eggs any style, choice of bacon, ham or sausage, toast and homefries. $7.59

The Batchawana Round Steak Starter – Bologna, 2 eggs any style, homefries and toast. $8.59

The Lightweight Paddler – Two eggs any styles, and toast. $5.29

The Voyageur’s Omelette – Chili and cheese is stuffed into this three egg omelette served with toast. $9.99

The Cookhouse Classic Omelette – Ham and cheese in this three egg omelette with a side of toast $8.99 ( Add green peppers, onions, tomatoes, or mushrooms for .75 cents each)

The Frenchman’s Favourite – Ham , cheese, onions, mushrooms, and potatoes are jammed into this three egg omelette and served with toast $10.99

The Breakfast Sandwich – You probably know it as the toasted western. Two eggs, ham and onion on toast. $5.79

French Toast – It’s French and they’re toasted. Three slices of bread dipped in egg and served with butter and syrup. $6.99 Add a side of meat for $2.99.

Cakes on The Griddle – A stack of pancakes piled high as Batchawana Mountain. You smother them with butter and syrup. $6.99 Add a side of meat for $2.99

Oats and Toast – Piping hot oatmeal with brown sugar and milk, and a couple slices of toast. Unlike the voyageurs’ porridge, there are no bits of dirt of black flies in ours. $6.99 Add raisins for 75 cents or blueberries for $1.00.

The Healthy Starter – Start your day with a bowl of yogurt and fruit medley, and bagel with cream cheese. $7.99