About Us

Frank and Gail O’Connor and their three children are the owners and hands on operators of The Voyageurs’ Lodge since 2003. The Voyageurs’ Lodge prides itself on maintaining a staff team that is truly committed to excellent customer service. Many of our staff members have been with us since the beginning, in 2003, and most staff return year after year to be part of our tremendous team.

The O’Connor family were inspired by famous Canadian author, Peter C. Newman.  His book about the Hudson Bay Company, titled, The Company of Adventurers, outlined the incredible story of the voyageurs, fur traders, and explorers who traversed the rivers of early Canada.  The life and times of the voyageurs and the fur trade are integral to everything we do here at the Voyageurs’ Lodge.  Join us and our wonderful staff as we make your stop or stay along the north shore of Lake Superior a memorable one.