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Countdown to Canada 150 – Fathers of Confederation

Posted: June 17, 2017 by Frank O'Connor

So sorry I missed the last two days – been busy at the ol’ lodge.

In commemoration of Fathers’ Day, let’s share something about our Fathers of Confederation.
The Fathers of Confederation are the gentlemen politicians who attended at least one of the conferences that set up the Dominion of Canada. The Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences in 1864 and the London Conference in 1866. When we think of our Fathers of Confederation, names like John A. Macdonald, Thomas D’arcy McGee, George Brown, George Etienne Cartier, and Charles Tupper come to mind. There were many others. As a result of their work, July 1st 1867 was a day of grandiose celebration across the new Dominion of Canada. Picnic baskets were filled to overflowing, and families celebrated in great style their new found country. What a day July 1, 2017 is going to be.  Happy Fathers’ Day dads and Fathers of Confederation!! Thank-You