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So it is Labour Day Weekend!

Posted: September 02, 2017 by Frank O'Connor

Labour Day is a holiday that is kind of set apart from all the others. For many it marks the end of the summer season, and for so many young people, it represents the start of another school year.
Many parents of first time post secondary students often have the task of packing up their bundle of joy, and sending them off to far away lands to study at college or university. It can be a very joyous and stressful time all at once.
In the tourism sector we get a wee bit of breathing room as we let the hectic pace of summer slip away, and we eagerly await the coming of the brilliant fall colours. Usually we have about a 2 week window to relax just a little, before the fall colour tours go into full gear. Buses loaded with leaf watchers, seniors jammed into SUVs, and couples taking a drive up the north shore to see what all the fuss is about, are just some of the folks who enjoy the bounty that is autumn on Lake Superior. By the third weekend in
September, the colours are in full bloom, and you will not be disappointed.  So take the time to get the kids settled into their new classrooms, get them enrolled into their dance lessons, and their hockey tryouts, and then we’ll see you all back up here in a few weeks.
I don’t want to “beLabour” the point, but it is going to be good…. real good.
I promise!

P.S. The photo credit accompanying this story belongs to Patty Kraus (a server at the lodge, and Batchawana resident).