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Looks Like Rain!!

Posted: July 25, 2017 by Frank O'Connor

Ok so it has been 8 days since I last wrote on my Blog. I am having a wee bit of the writer’s block these days. It is not that exciting things haven’t been happening, we have just been a little busy.
As everyone across the north Superior shore knows, a group of people have started building a large Ark just in case these water levels increase much further. Once completed, it will be tricky rounding up two moose, two bears, two red foxes, two timber wolves, you get the picture.  Sunday’s rain was forecasted at 10 – 15 mms, and I’d be willing to bet we were in the 70-80mm range. The 24 hour closure of Hwy 17 at Alona Bay due to washouts and flooding was testament to that.
Oh well it was a busy day here as I think all of Ontario stopped in for a visit, and could not get past us. The detour link was back to Thessalon and up Hwy 129 north to the 101 and on to Wawa. What normally would take 90 mins on the Trans Canada, was now a 6 hour drive. Some folks going further west went the Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota route, and that would have been speedy.  Passports had to be handy for those motorists.
On the bright side, folks were able to see some old country they probably had never seen before.
One of the things I do enjoy when these hwy emergencies hit our area is how stranded folks get to know one another. By the end of a road closure, people stuck in our yard have made new friends, and that is always a cool thing to watch unfold.
Anyway, today is warm and sunny, and although there is more rain in the forecast for Wed., the weekend looks like one of the best of the summer.  Plenty of sunshine and very warm temps. Yahoo! Bring on some summertime lovin’!