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The Oaks are gathering for a summertime reunion!

Posted: July 28, 2017 by Frank O'Connor

As part of the offical Canada 150 celebrations, the O’Connors of Central Park St. are gathering in Batchawana Bay for a family reunion. Although some notables are missing, (Paul, Christina and their young family, and Angel Marie) nearly 60 will be in attendance. Festivities include a baby shower, a golf tournament, and of course the Irish Bocce Championships and Dinner at our Uncle John’s gorgeous hacienda on the Bay – Saturday afternoon.
Bonfires, food, celebrations, beer, maybe a little more beer, and good fellowship is all in order.
The Oak Tree has been the family emblem for the O’Connor clan, and this year a unique oak tree design was incorporated into the reunion t-shirt. Like all reunions, there will be alot of laughter, some tears, old stories retold, and more memories made.
This group of strong Irish Catholics have a very deep attachment to their “ould sod” – the old country, and many have been back home to Ireland to truly discover the roots of this Oak Tree.
Although I don’t expect any Shillelagh fights or Shenanigans, it will be a raucous weekend. God Bless my kinfolk – The O’Connor Clan – and as always “Erin go Bragh”.