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Sasquatch sighted on Montreal River Hill – 1976?

Posted: July 18, 2017 by Frank O'Connor

Folklore, mythology, misidentification, hoax or real science – who really knows? One thing is for certain, stories keep popping up in the northern part of this continent of sightings of the illusive “Big Foot” – the missing link so to speak in our evolutionary story.
I can recall as a young boy travelling across Canada, with my family on a vacation, being particularly in tune to the story across the Rockies. Here we were in the real “Big Foot” Country. My dad was a great story teller, and he made sure, as we were driving through the mountains, that we were on the lookout for the mammoth man-beast.
Closer to home here in n. Ontario, I can still recall the old Sault Star story from a late autumn and rainy night along the Montreal River Harbour area. It was around 1976 because I believe I was in grade 9 at the time. Two different motorists, travelling in opposite directions, had encounters with a very tall and hairy beast walking on two legs crossing their car path infront of them. Both were forced to come to a complete stop to let the unknown creature cross. Bewildered and scared about what they had seen, both reported their encounters to the police in Wawa, and Sault Ste. Marie on that same dark and wet Autumn evening.
I guess if you had a nose for rummaging and research, you might be able to find the original story in the old Sault Star archives. But then again, I just think it adds nicely to the notion that Lake Superior truly is “The Haunted Shore”. Why wouldn’t we have a Sasquatch here?