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Thank Peter C. Newman

Posted: September 26, 2017 by Frank O'Connor

Today I just want to tell you a little story about how The Voyageurs’ Lodge and Cookhouse idea was born. In the 1980s Gail and I lived in Batchawana Bay in our small unwinterized cottage. At that time my father had given me the gift of reading. Reading was something we did alot of back then because there was very little tv, no internet, no computers, and just a blazing wood stove to keep us warm.
Peter C. Newman was the author, and the book was The Company of Adventurers. This wonderful story chronicled the life and times of the merchants who formed The Hudson’s Bay Company. These men went about creating one of the longest lasting and successful corporate ventures in the world.
Newman’s followup book, Caesars of the Wilderness, carried the story of the HBC further. It was equally as enthralling, and in true Newman fashion, he tells a narrative that is exciting, truthful, and a real page turner.
Well it was Peter C. Newman who unknowingly gave us the idea to tell the story of the fur traders through a destination resort that is located on the shores of Batchawana Bay. However, instead of the HBC, it was the story of the North West Company. The NWC were the rival group of Scottish merchants, based out of Montreal, who traded into Fort William at the head of Lake Superior.
We will forever be indebted to Peter C. Newman for his inspiration to celebrate history through our business venture. Our North Canoe, our voyageur theme, our decor, everything is because he gave us the notion to tell stories about Canada while looking after peoples’ travelling needs. We have participated in many voyageur canoe re-enactments. We have fought in the War of 1812, we have been part of Canada’s 150 celebrations, and we will continue to share the stories of our beautiful north shore of Lake Superior.
Thank-you so very much Peter C. Newman.